Facebook, Weblog, Twitter… oh my!

April 16, 2009 at 3:01 am 1 comment

Is there such a thing as being too connected? I mean, does everyone need to know everything you’re doing, all the time?  I know people who feel the need to constantly update their Facebook/Twitter/Blog/Worldwide-Lifestatus/Meebo (okay, I made one of those up).  I like being able to check in on friends and see what’s up in their life.  I enjoy reading the latest escapades of friends and family.  I believe in using social and professional networks to help promote my businesses.  I even love to write on my own blog on a regular basis (thanks for following it!).  But even as a through-and-through computer geek, I just can’t get past the thought that it can sometimes just all be too much.

I admit that I feel uncomfortable not having my cell with me when I leave the house.  I also admit that I check email, FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, my blog, the Uppercase Living message boards, and other such sites on a regular basis.  I do so partly because I enjoy the connection with my family and friends, and partly because I have developed ways to utilize these tools as another means of communicating with my customers.  My love of blogging has grown out of my love of writing, not because I want to  post about our family’s skeletons or give an hour-by-hour update of my day.  (Thank goodness!)  I feel these things are  best kept to oneself, plus I don’t want to embarrass either those that read my posts or those the posts is written about.

But when did it become expected that one would be part of these various networks?  If you are a businessperson, when did you begin to feel that you needed to have a presence  in at least one of the social and/or professional networks or you’d be missing out (or worse yet, be deemed “out-of-touch” with today’s enviornment).  I really hope we are not sacrificing, or worse yet, giving away our privacy and individuality in pursuit of “staying current”.

How much IS too much? What do you think?  I believe this will become a more pressing topic as time goes on.


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  • 1. Lara Rossignol  |  May 4, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    I do think you have to draw a line somewhere. Mine is at Twitter. I already update my status on FB, that seems plenty to me. Not really interested in following anyone or being followed. To me a twitter is a fad that also seems a bit narcissistic. Where as I find FB a useful tool for corralling most of my friends and family into one handy location. I do not add people just add names.

    Anyway, I think this is a good topic, especially since Twitter is peaking right now!


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