Why I love Uppercase Living

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When folks ask me what I do for a living, I hope they are prepared for my response.  I get this gleam in my eye and a happy feeling inside.  “I am a Demonstrator for Uppercase Living,” I say, “and I love my job!”

Since UL is a pretty new company and doesn’t yet enjoy the name recognition of The Pampered Chef or other direct-sales companies, I still get a few puzzled expressions when I tell them what I do.  But that just gives me a chance to tell them about the product and the company – my 60 second spiel.

Those of you who know me are likely shaking your heads in amazement that I would a) do something like this for a living and b) would be willing to talk about it like I was giving a sales pitch to anyone who asked.  But you see, that’s what’s so cool about Uppercase Living: I don’t give a sales pitch, I just tell them about the product and the interest is there 80% of the time.  My motto is: I don’t sell UL, I share it and it sells itself.  How cool is that?

A little background:  my training and work experience is in computer application development.  I have a BS degree from an engineering university where I taught CS classes for a year, then I spent 23 years in an IT department at a steel company and 3 1/2 years running a computer lab at an elementary school.  See the pattern here?  I’m a techie.  I work with computer stuff.

So how did I get involved with Uppercase Living?  Well, one day while visiting a store in Whitehall, Michigan, I ran across a basket of UL’s thick glossy Idea Catalogs.  I was astounded at how the product looked on walls and standalone objects, impressed with the obvious quality of the catalog and designs, and intrigued with the concept.  Out of curiosity, I looked on the company website and asked to have a Demonstrator local to my home contact me.  What followed was so unlike this logical techie that many of my friends were amazed: I signed up to be a Demonstrator myself!  What they didn’t understand was the research I had done into the company, the product, and the design trend it represented.  I was getting in on the ground floor of something that was poised to explode.  And explode it did.

But let’s get back to the title of this posting – why I love Uppercase Living.  Let me count the ways:

  • the product is of such high quality that anybody can apply it with stunning results, then easily remove it later if desired
  • the exclusive designs created by the UL design team are “oh, that’s so cool” and “look at that” and “I’ve gotta get this for my daughter” and “this one’s beautiful” and, well, you get the idea
  • our addicting MyDesign Tool makes it a snap to create custom expressions of your own, like favorite quotes, names, school mottos,  business signage, wedding decorations, customized gifts, and so much more
  • when people see the product, they tend to love it right away and start coming up with their own ideas on how to use it, without me having to do or say much of anything (but, of course, that doesn’t stop me from saying things anyway!)
  • I can create my own schedule to work when I want and not work when I’m busy with other things in my life.  I’ve had the flexibility to scale back dramatically on my activity the last eight months so that I could take care of my ailing father and then deal with his estate.  What a blessing!
  • I look forward to going to home shows to share with everyone how amazing UL is.  I don’t have to sell it, I just share it, and I make sales and book new home shows
  • I get great responses from businesses who learn about the product and see its potential for their office or retail environments
  • I have the pleasure of seeing brides and special event coordinators get a look of excitement in their eyes when they see how UL can be used to make their events unique and personal
  • I love working with customers in their homes to get just the right designs and color combinations to make their home “pop”
  • I like the fact that I’m associated with an awesome company that is built on solid morals and principles, who guarantees its products, and who is constantly striving to give its Demonstrators better tools, products, and support
  • I love the family connection I feel with the other UL Demonstrators, a group of wonderful people who support each other, share ideas, and lend a helping hand whenever needed
  • I like making money doing something creative and uplifting to others, something that empowers people to make their environments more beautiful and personal
  • I just absolutely, positively, love the product!

It’s funny how karma or fate or whatever can step in and make such a dramatic change it a life.  Who knew that my picking up that Idea Catalog in August 2007 would cause me to completely change careers and give me such a fulfilling and fun job?  It’s that still, small voice inside that says “pay attention!” to something, to take a chance, to listen to your heart… that’s what has changed this techie into someone who has the freedom to create and share and empower in a whole new way.

I love Uppercase Living!


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