Easy decorating for your next birthday bash

October 10, 2009 at 1:47 pm Leave a comment

Here’s another great decorating idea for your next party from Uppercase Living’s Christina Stark.  UL Photo Prints are the latest awesome idea from Uppercase Living, and my customers are going ga-ga over them!  Stay tuned for more posts on this amazing new product.

Birthday parties, particularly those for adults, are a great opportunity to recognize (and embarrass) the ones we love.  You can make this special occasion truly memorable using one of our newest and most exciting products: UL Photo Prints!   Whether you’ve had a chance to try Photo Prints yet or not, I bet you can find a good use for this great idea.   Here’s what we came up with:

To begin our design, we first had to determine a suitable photo for our Photo Print.  Our birthday party was for a soon-to-be-40-year-old family member, so we rifled through the family photos one afternoon and came up with Spencer in his leisure suit at age 6.  Perfect!   Once we had scanned our photo*, it only took a moment or two to upload and order a 4’x4’ contour-cut Photo Print using UL’s newly-revamped MyDesign Suite™.

With our Photo Print out of the way, it was time to spice up the space where our Photo Print would eventually end up.  (You may recognize the table and lamp from a previous post.  Are you convinced yet that one wall can provide fun for all kinds of occasions?!)  Using the Text&Graphics application within MyDesign Suite™, we designed a fun and simple message for our wall with two custom words: “40” (Souvenir, 13”, Caribbean Blue) and “Years” (Liorah 5”, Navy Blue).  Then came our “Happy Birthday” message (#16697, Navy Blue), gallantly displayed on the new Uppercase Living Glass Charger ($14.95, #300159).  We placed our charger on the table (using its complimentary easel) alongside a big stack of matching birthday gifts.

And that’s it!  You can use this idea, or some variation of it, to make your next birthday party a sure-fire hit.  And don’t just limit this idea to birthday parties: think graduation parties (first day of kindergarten picture), anniversary parties (wedding picture), wedding receptions (engagement picture), bar mitzvahs (baby picture), etc.  The possibilities are endless!

*Please note: Many photography shops and camera stores will digitize (scan) photos and, depending on the quality of the digitizing process, can give you a photo that will look great as a Photo Print.  However, there are several ways of digitizing a printed photo, so digitizing does not guarantee that your photo will have the same quality as the one taken using a digital camera.


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