O Canada!

February 8, 2010 at 5:12 pm Leave a comment

Rick Fanhauser, president of Uppercase Living, is taking us into exciting new territory — Canada! We’re so excited to be expanding into the beautiful white north, both to bring our amazing product to new customers and to offer our Canadian neighbors the exciting opportunity of becoming a UL demonstrators. I can’t wait to sign up my first Canadian recruit! Joining now is a perfect time since it’s so new up there. I love my job, and I want to share the experience with everyone! Apparently, Rich feels the same way. Here is his recent blog entry describing the exciting first day…

On my office wall, I have a wonderful expression that simply says, “life is a journey and only you hold the map.” It’s an incredible message that helps to remind me what matters and helps to guide the decisions I make, both personally and professionally, each and every day.

When I first looked at joining Uppercase Living about three years ago, I was impressed with the company’s foundation. But even more so, I was impressed by its potential. We have an incredible product and community of savvy business owners out sharing our message, so it was easy to envision our growth. I envisioned thousands of happy customers and successful Demonstrators across the US and throughout the world, benefiting from our inspirational products. And as I write this, our international journey has officially begun.

On Monday, February 1st, we opened enrollment for Uppercase Living Demonstrators in Canada. Within minutes, Wendy Dignan from Calgary, Alberta, Karen Jones from St. Catharine’s, Ontario, and Linda Jones from Niagara Falls, Ontario, signed up. And by day’s end, we had welcomed several additional Demonstrators in the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan as well. It was exciting to watch our initial international expansion in real time and satisfying to have achieved this milestone so early in our history. Thanks to all of you who shared and are sharing our story with our neighbors to the north. And to all our new and future Canadian Demonstrators: Welcome to Uppercase Living! We are thrilled to have you and know that with UL, you have the map to success.


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