Hi.  It’s me again.  Yep,  I know, it’s been a while.  Over 9 years, to be exact.

Back in 2009, I was in a very different place in my life.  I was working at a job I loved, my kids were either still at home or had just moved out (i.e. “home” was still our house) and, well, I just felt younger.  Had more energy, more focus, more drive… more oomph, I guess.  In January of that year, I decided to start a blog called Melissa’s Best Life because I loved the power of words and sharing ideas.  It was another creative outlet for me.  I had plans for the blog, and lots of ideas.  What I apparently didn’t have was enough time to follow through with these plans.  Or as much drive as I thought I did.  And so the blog eventually fell silent.

Fast forward to 2018.

Our sons have established homes of their own with lovely wives and good jobs, and we are eagerly awaiting our first grandbaby in a few months.  My husband is considering retirement soon, which is awesome.  I am down to one small business now as the amazing company I represented recently closed its doors after nearly 12 years (gut punch).

Yet even though I find I have less of the energy, focus, and drive, I still have that yearning to capture the everyday moments of a life well-lived is still strong.  The little things in life that go by so quickly that they’re unnoticed, yet are the very things that make up of the fabric of our lives.  It’s these random moments, fleeting thoughts, and small vignettes that I’d love to capture and hold onto.  Little by little, patch by square, these make up my quilt life.  I cannot promise deep thoughts or brilliant prose… just me, living my life and sharing a bit with you every few days or so.

It’s time to reboot this blog and set it sailing through the flows and eddies of life.  Dip your toes in with me?


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