Visiting sister Sally

The rumors are true: it rains in the Pacific Northwest.  A lot.  In fact, Mother Nature is known to pull unkind tricks on spring-hopeful residents by sending them SNOW on April 1st!  Not only does this wreak havoc on daffodils and azalea buds, it really messes up people flying out to visit their sisters.

Our flight was initially delayed an hour because the plane was late from Dallas/FW.  Then we were delayed another hour when we had to turn around from the taxi runway to go back to the gate for more fuel.  Now you’d think they’d figure out how much fuel to give the jet before we left the gate, but apparently the deteriorating weather in the Seattle area made the captain concerned we’d get diverted to another airport.  Lovely.  I finally did make it to SEA-TAC airport, two hours late, and it was definitely not pretty outside.  But I’d visit Seattle in a blizzard if I needed to for several reasons: it’s a beautiful city, there is ocean and mountains, and most importantly, my sister and her family are there.

Sally invited me for a wonderful weekend on Orcas Island, which is part of the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound.  She and her husband have stayed at the hotel we’re going to several times and love it.  I have never been to the Islands before and am really looking forward to it.  And I love taking ferries on Puget Sound, too.  They are so iconically Seattle!

I’ve been thinking a lot about travel lately, given our recent trips.  Who would have thought that, when Orville and Wilbur got the plane working, one would be able to travel as easily and to as many places as I have in the last few weeks?  The technological advancements that have occurred are staggering.  Transcontinental flights (heck, transoceanic flights) are not only common, they are no longer something we blink at.  How have we become so accustomed to something so marvelous?  Maybe it’s because instead we’re thinking about is how we’re jammed in our seats on a plane that’s two hours late.  Another opportunity to step back and marvel.

I’m off to shower and change for our jaunt.  Pray for sunshine!

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