Life is fragile

Okay, I’ve been a slug lately and haven’t updated my blog.  Life just seems to get in the way of what I’m aiming to do, despite my best intentions.  But something happen last week that reminded me that, no matter what’s on my to-do list or the follow-ups I need to do with my businesses, the one thing that is most important of all is FAMILY.

As many of you know, our eldest son Scott has moved to Indianapolis and started a new job.  We are thrilled for him and know he will be an awesome addition to his new company.  It’s been strange having him gone all the time, but he’s branching out into his new life and doing what young adults should be doing.

Last Friday, Scott was heading back home for the weekend, driving along I65, when a car decided to speed up and pass him at just as he was moving into the left lane.  He swerved to get out of her way and lost control of his car, sliding down into the roadside ditch and flipping over.  Miraculously, he walked away from the accident with little more than soreness and bruises.  Unfortunately, his car was not so lucky.  His bright red baby, which he had just had fixed up the week before, was totaled.

There are few phone calls more frightening for a parent than those telling you your child has been in an accident.   We were so grateful it was Scott himself calling us rather than the police or a hospital, of course, but it was still very scary.  At times like these, things tend to focus down to the essentials – are you all right, what happened, where are you, what do you need – things like that.  Everything else becomes secondary.

Unfortunately, once the initial shock wore off and I was driving down to meet Scott, I started to think about the implications of him being without a car and having to find a new one, his new job, his living in Indy, etc and I started worrying and getting caught up in the worldly things again.  By the time I arrived, it seemed to him that all I did was give him a big hug and then start nagging him.  Not exactly what I wanted to have happen.  Not only was Scott still in shock from the accident, he was upset that I was “on his case” instead of just being there for him.  In retrospect, he was completely right to be upset because I handled it poorly.  I lost sight of the fact that he could have been killed.

We stopped at Community Hospital before going home so that Scott could be checked out.  His fiancee Sarah met us there and did what I should have done: she gave him a huge hug and spent the rest of the evening just sitting with him.   She modeled the attitude of gratitude instead of letting the worldly worries intrude.  Thank you, Sarah.

After many tests and x-rays, the staff pronounced Scott good to go.  We were so relieved.  After such emotional upheaval, it was good to hear that.  He was, of course, still pretty sore and shaken from the accident, but he was physically sound.  I just hope that he and I can mend the damage I caused by mothering him instead of being his mom.  After all, life is fragile and family is the most important thing we have.

I love you, Scott.

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