Graduation day

What a weekend!  It start with us loading up a big truck with Scott’s stuff Friday night, then driving it to Indianapolis Saturday morning to unload it at Scott’s new apartment.  We made a hasty drive back that afternoon so that we could pick up Ken’s mom at Midway Airport.  Then today, we all went to Adam’s high school graduation in the afternoon and out to dinner to celebrate.

I guess it didn’t really hit me until I saw Adam standing there in line, ready to process into the field house in his red cap and gown, that this was really it.  Our last child was graduating from high school and we had no more kids in the Munster school system.  All of the years in the elementary, middle, and high schools were over.  How could this be?  It seemed only yesterday that Scott was starting at Munster High and now both he and Adam have graduated.

Adam looked so tall and handsome in his graduation garb.  He was fretting because they gave him a silver stole to wear draped around his neck rather than a gold one (which showed he only earned “honors” instead of “high honors.  “Only”?)  While I could certainly understand him wanting the credit he was due, the important thing is it showed up on his diploma and transcripts as “high honors”.  That, and the knowledge inside of what he accomplished, is all that really matters.  He has really worked hard to get where he is, and we’re so proud of him.

One of the highlights of the day happened just before we left the house to go eat.  Adam’s godmother went to the graduation and was coming with us to dinner, so we were sitting at home chatting about the day.  Harriet, Adam’s godmother, gave him a small gift with card that explained the significance of the gift.  The gift was a wonderful gold ring inset with ivory carved into the head of an eagle.  This ring had belonged to Adam’s godfather, who had it made as an eagle-lover, and he wore it regularly.  Now John’s eagle ring was going to Adam on this milestone day.  I’m sure John would have been thrilled that his ring was going to Adam (who, incidentally is an Eagle Scout), and I know Adam was truly touched that Harriet gave him such a treasure.  While it may be a while before he will wear it, I know this will remain a special memento for him.

So now what?  Well, Adam will be attending DePaul University in Chicago come September, studying Gaming Design and Development.  He is really excited about it, and it looks like a great program.  DePaul awarded Adam the Dean’s Scholorship, which will definitely help with the v-e-r-y large tuition bill, but coming up with the rest of the funding is going to be a challenge during these next four years.  I know that Adam will do what it takes to make it happen, as will we, and that it will be an awesome experience for him.

The years go by, our children grow up, and milestones pass one by one.  Days like this are what parents live for, whether their children realize it or not.  I guess they won’t until they are parents themselves.  And if they are very lucky, they will themselves be sitting in the stands in the high school field house, listening to Pomp and Circumstance being played over and over by the school orchestra, and seeing their child in the mass of graduates ready to launch into their new life.

I hope they bring tissues.

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