I love to travel

There are few places in the world that I can think of that I would not want to visit.  Maybe I have some vagabond or gypsy blood in me from some past ancestor, I don’t know.  All I know is, I love to travel.

This week our family leaves on what will likely be our last big trip together with just the four of us.  It’s hard to believe that’s true, but Adam is a high school senior and Scott is engaged to be married.  Their lives are definitely vectoring away from ours, as it should be.  But I know I will really miss the fun of vacationing together.  (Okay, sometimes it wasn’t always fun.)

We’ve got the house-sitters lined up, the pets covered, the suitcases open on the floor, the credit card companies notified, and the million other little details that must be arranged (hopefully) taken care of.  I have spent sooo many hours working on this trip, but I know it will make it go much more smoothly.  Now if the weather will just cooperate, that will make the trip even better.

When I return, I’ll try to post some photographs of our journey.  I may even leave off descriptions of where the photos were taken just to see how many of you recognize the location.  What do you think, a geoquiz?  Sounds like fun.  Stay tuned!

Please say some prayers for a safe journey, good weather, and not getting on each others’ nerves too much!  We’d appreciate it.

One thought on “I love to travel

  1. Sue

    Have a great time, you guys! We’ll keep an eye on things here while you’re gone. Post photos and your travel log as soon as you can.

    Happy travels!

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