Travelogue: Update 1

Greetings from the road. We’re several days in on our magical mystery tour and we’re mostly enjoying ourselves. Scott was sick the day before we left with a fever – the doctor determined he had a sinus infection, a touch of bronchitis, and conjunctivitis in both eyes – and I really wasn’t sure we’d be going until we walked out the door. The oral antibiotics and the medicated eye drops did the trick, however, and he’s been doing well since about the second day. Unfortunately, on the third day Adam came down with the same thing in the afternoon, and we had to make an emergency stop to get him some antibiotics as well. He spent a feverish night with us taking turns putting cool cloths on him, but by morning the fever had broken and he was on the mend. The timing of their illnesses, while never good, was really lousy for our trip, but they seem to be doing much better.

We have seen many wonderful and amazing things, and marveled at how different other cities can be from those we are used to. We have toured historic sites, climbed up in an old church, taken a water taxi, gotten lost amidst narrow winding streets, eaten lots of food, taken tons of pictures, gotten lost on unfamiliar roads, sipped wonderful local wines, walked through an old prison, gone the wrong way on a one-way street, heard an amazing concert in an intimate setting, taken twice as long to get places as we thought it would, gotten lost, and many more things that I won’t mention because it would give away our location to those of you trying to guess where we are. (Did I mention we got lost?)

All in all, I think this will be a memorable trip for us all; one that I hope will inspire Scott and Adam to travel to unfamiliar places on their own and branch outside of their safety zones to see and do new things. Even if it means getting lost!

For those of you who are playing along with the Where’s Melissa game, here are a few photos to get your creative juices going. What do you think? Do you know where we are? If you think you do, please send me a quick email with the details, including a brief description of what made you recognize our destination. No fair getting the info from the friends who know where we are! I’ll be fun to get your emails and see where you think we are. I’ll post another update the next time I get a connection.

cimg6465 cimg6528 cimg6686

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