Travelogue: Update 2

It’s a stunningly beautiful day in the neighborhood today.  It’s about 8:30am and we’re getting ready for a tour of ———— (insert sight from “mystery location” [ML]  here).  We’ve had much cooler weather than anticipated, and we had a yucky day of wind and rain in ————- (insert cool town in ML) which really stinks because it was a place we were looking forward to seeing.

We’ve taken over 700 photos during our trip so far, and we’ll likely take a bunch more today.  We’re touring today and tomorrow, then we have an early flight back on Saturday morning. 😦  Thank goodness for digital photos!  We’re just snapping away without a concern if it will be the best shot or not, and we’ll cull through them later.  It will be fun to relive the trip all over again through the photos.

To reiterate the old cliche, it’s a small world and people are the same everywhere.  We’ve encountered some wonderful people and some stinkpots, but mostly wonderful, friendly willing to help out lost tourists.  It has been uplifting and reassuring in these crazy times.

I need to turn over the computer to Scott so he can email his fiancee.  Oh, the wonders of technology!  I’ve attached some photos below.  Don’t forget to email me with your ideas of where we are.  And thanks to those who have already sent their suggestions.  I’ve received some interesting thoughts!

cimg6906 cimg6923

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