Travelogue: Update #3

It’s 1:15am and we’re sitting in the airport.  We fly out tomorrow morning early (wait, it’s now this morning) and we decided not to spend the bunch of money needed to spend our last night in the hotel when we’d only be there such a very short time.  So, we’re actually dozing in the airport.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

It has begun to sink in that our 10-day vacation is over, and tomorrow night we will be back home.  <insert big sigh here>  We have seen so much, especially the last couple of days, and it’s hard to believe it’s all over.  I have been glancing through the hundreds of photos we took, but I’ll wait until I’m back to cull through them and delete all the blurry, crooked, and “what was that?” pictures.  When I’m done, I plan to get out all of our receipts, notes, and brochures and write a proper travel journal that I can post.  Rather than clutter up this blog with the whole shebang, I’m going to try to instead just post links to the pages of the day-by-day journal so that they can be accessed based on interest.  I intend to include the places we visited, where we stayed and ate, what worked and what didn’t, and ideas for making things better for others.  We’ll see how it works.

For now, I’ll sign off and go find a corner to get some sleep.  Someone wake me at 6:00am, will ya?

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